Protect Services.
Prevent Abuse.
Prioritize Users.
Observability-driven Load Management that works for any stack, at any scale.
Powered by Aperture open source.
Maximize uptime and performance with adaptive rate limits
Reliable service operations depend on effective flow control, particularly in managing API requests. FluxNinja Aperture adaptively adjusts the rate of requests based on live service health metrics, mitigating overloads and maximizing performance.
service protection
Elevate user experience with workload prioritization
Prioritize critical requests over less essential ones, enabling you to align your services seamlessly with your business objectives and deliver an optimal user experience.
priority scheduling
Harness the power of load-aware auto scaling
Load-aware auto scaling dynamically allocates the right amount of capacity at the right time, eliminating over and under-provisioning while optimizing resource usage.
Fortify your APIs with distributed rate limiting
Seamlessly integrate advanced rate-limiting capabilities into your APIs to efficiently regulate excessive usage and safeguard against potential abuse.
rate limit
quota management
Manage quotas effectively
Get the most out of quota limits by ensuring prioritized access for your critical workloads. Make your apps spend-aware and stay within quotas to avoid cost overages.
Unleash features, not chaos
Empower your teams to control the launch of new features, gradually ramp up the load, and adjust in real-time based on service health feedback.
feature rollout
Bring the power of observability-driven load management to any stack, effortlessly.
Service Mesh & Gateway
Unlock limitless possibilities with Aperture SDKs
Empowering developers with SDKs for leading languages and frameworks. Seamlessly integrate feature control points and traffic control within your service
Simplify Load Management Across Teams
Platform Team
Easy integration for developers
Getting started with Aperture SDKs is super easy. All it takes is a few lines of code to get reliability integrated into any application.
Discover how DoorDash uses FluxNinja Aperture to effectively mitigate microservice failures and enhance system reliability.
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