Introducing Aperture - The first open-source flow control and reliability management platform for modern cloud applications.

Fewer outages. More features.
Modern cloud applications are vulnerable to sudden loads. Reliable operation at any scale is impossible without effective flow control.
ObservePrecision telemetry systemthat is tuned for real-time control.AnalyzeAlways-on control looptracks deviations from SLOsand performs recovery.ActuateFlow control components performprioritized load-shedding andrate-limiting.
Build indestructible applications
Aperture detects service-level objective (SLO) violations and deploys active counter-measures such as concurrency limits to protect against cascading failures.
Worry-free application delivery at any scale!
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user experience
Optimal user experience even during overloads
Aperture gracefully degrades services by prioritizing critical features over background workloads.
Happy users, happy operators!
Prevent waste by regulating heavy hitters
Aperture provides high-performance, low-latency rate-limiting that is distributed alongside service instances.
Stop squandering away precious cloud resources!
Express Reliability as Code
With Aperture, compose sophisticated control automation policies as intuitive circuit graphs within minutes.
Cruise web-scale with confidence!

FluxNinja Cloud

FluxNinja Cloud is a single-pane of glass that manages and monitors your Aperture policies and infrastructure. It provides ad-hoc analytics on high-cardinality flows which helps design effective policies and track the Quality of Experience over time.

For pricing information and to purchase Aperture support please reach out at sales@fluxninja.com.
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